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Well, I insisted that we see the Exocist the beginning and though it probably makes lots of people jump and freaks people out, I'm freaked by the maggots and thats all really, shudder. Ok to make things worse I've been having nightmares about maggots for a couple of weeks now and can't get the imagry of them borring into my live flesh (yes I klnow they only eat rotten dead flesh) normally through something like the tearducts etc....

That bloody rat as a child, David remembers it too, (he came to the cinamear with me and Alaric), childish curiousity led me to poke it with a broom handle in the twilight, well it was blocking the entrance to my wendy house, the smell was horrendous, it had just looked like a small fluffy animal and at first I wasn't sure if it was dead and was worried that if it was I'd catch something by touching it and if it wasn't it would bite me. Then I got made to clean it up 🙁 my first introduction to maggots and I was wearing jellies, they came towards me 🙁 I used an entire bottle of disenfectant on the door way of the wendy house and the did similar to my self worrying that somehow I'd missed one, and that they would eat me, silly I know but it makes my skin crwul!

I had several more encounters culminating in the subortage of my cupboard in 2nd yr halls, someone had put chicken n pots of cream in there and I didn't know. I hadn't used the cupboard for six weeks due to exams and field trip. I was very ill after the feild trip due to period and possible food poisoning etc... so I went to make my self a cup of mint tea to try and settle things, I didn't notice the biohazard sing, it being dark and me half asleep. Maggots spilled out of the cupboard, I had baer feet and was in a nighty but I thought they where just fruit ones as I'd had a vague memory of having left a bannana in there (which I remembered on the coach on the way out on the feild trip) I started cleaning up the cupboard when I found the souporated chicken-I through up, I went into paranoid shock, thinking that they could smell the blood and that they would consider it rotting flesh, compulsion made me try to clean the cupboard but I ended up hyperventalating outside Becky the subwardens door. She made me tea and I had nightmares 🙁

This recent bout of nightmares was caused I think, by the fact that I found catapillars on the ceilling of our kitchen but at first I thought they where maggots and it was only when I was removing then avec glass jar and long scoopy thing, that I saw they where just catapillars (which made more sense anyway).

I think the maggot fear was already there when I encountered the rat, strange.

Oh well.

Suppose I'll try to sleep tonight, wish me luck!


  • By philip, Fri 19th Nov 2004 @ 11:40 am

    this iz sexy

  • By Sarah Snell-Pym, Fri 19th Nov 2004 @ 6:46 pm

    Maggots are sexy?

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