Second driving test – failed! (by )

Bah. I was really nervous about the test, and had to do a reverse park right near the start, and fluffed it up. Didn't hit the kerb, but took too long nervously shuffling it into place.

Now, I've been practicing them reverse parks like crazy, and can do them really well in the Real World!

And although I was really scared about the test, I'm not particularly bothered about failing - I'm just very glad to have the thing over. It's the test I'm scared of; not failing... I think I need to have some tests that I plan to fail, in order to gain confidence for the one where I really try; and, of course, because I'm planning to fail the first test I won't be stressed, so will pass anyway 😉

However, I would really like to be driving before we move out to the countryside!


  • By nick, Thu 7th Apr 2005 @ 11:28 pm

    Where did you take your test, Alaric? If it was in London, it might be a decent idea to re-take out in the countryside, where you're planning to live, just because it tends to be a bit less stressful. (Or if you have family outside London, take it there, and do a lot of practice driving.) Also, if you have a good instructor, you should:

    a) be doing the reverse-park over and over again at the test centre until it's more or less automatic; b) have nice little Tipp-Ex marks on the inside of the test vehicle to help you line things up!

  • By jimbo, Wed 13th Apr 2005 @ 12:56 am

    You didn't seem to be getting too many comments... and as it's easier to write here than in e-mail I thought I'd say hi.

    The guy from Japan is now back in england (permanently?). looking for work (any going... no seriously), congratulating you and sarah on the pregnancy, and letting you know that you're not the only person in the world to fail a driving test... or a second... or a third (I think but for some reason have erased the exact number from my mind).

    if you have time send me a mail.

  • By Ulrike, Thu 21st Apr 2005 @ 3:47 pm

    yep, you definitely should. I am myself living in a very small city (little more than a village) and I dont have a driving licence - its horrible. Always having to ask my sister or brother in law to give me a lift if i have to go to the next city, be it because i want to go shopping, or because i have some paperwork to hand in.. all they have in that village is two supermarkets and some little shops not worth mentioning - but even for those id need to cycle a bit to get to them...

    if youre really moving somewhere thats kinda in the middle of nowhere - be the scenery as beautiful as somehow possible, youd still get insane being stuck there. and having to rely on friendly neighbours or the local bus to get you where you want to go (and the bus is always late anyway...)

    I hope you wont fail the next test!

    Greets from Germany, Ulrike

  • By Violet, Fri 22nd Apr 2005 @ 1:45 pm

    Apparently, all the best drivers fail at least once 😉

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