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Ok, here's the story so far.

A few weeks ago, we noticed that, when we let the bath out, the carpet around the bath got wet. We were having baths in preperation for going away for the weekend, so we decided to write a letter to the letting agent about it, and sort something out when we got back. However, a few hours later, the people downstairs knocked on the door and said that there was water coming through their ceiling, so we told them of what we'd noticed, and that we were getting the agent to sort it out.

Anyway, a few hours later, we left on our journey to Paris. However, apparently, while we were gone, water KEPT coming down, and before long their kitchen ceiling fell in, so they got in touch with the agent themselves, who came round with an emergency plumber and used their key to let them in to see what was wrong.

This, of course, we found out when we returned, and had an eighty quid bill for this emergency plumber, who said that it was the water inlet to our dishwasher that was leaking (since we fitted the dishwasher ourselves, this would make it our fault). Which was odd; the dishwasher is on the other side of the wall to the bath, you see, at the same point along the wall where the bath was leaking. The floor beneath the dishwasher was certainly wet. Apparently, he tightened the inlet fitting and then it was OK.

So we showed the agent how the carpet gets wet in the bathroom, even after this tightening of the fitting, and he said he'd send the plumber round to take a look at that - they sort of focussed on the kitchen when he came over before, since the water was coming into the flat beneath in their kitchen, under ours, and the letter about the bath leaking hadn't reached them at that point.

Anyway, said plumber arrives, and runs the tap in the bath, and sees nothing, so tells me it's probably water splashing from the bath, or the shower leaking (the shower does indeed drip continuously, too!), but can't explain my statement that it gets wet when we pull the plug out of the bath, no sooner. While there he gets a phonecall from somebody and tells them he'll be there in half an hour, then rushes off. He seemed in a bit of a hurry.


However, some days later, after I'd had a bath and we'd both had showers, downstairs rings our doorbell and says that where they're trying to repair their kitchen, the wall is suddenly getting wet again.

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