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Today's bombings, and the refreshing efficiency of the emergency services in dealing with it, have reminded me that I planned to get back with St John Ambulance, and do some more volunteering to do first aid at events.

Right now, they're officially saying about 40 dead and 700 injured.

I wonder if the overall death rate in London today is higher than usual, because of the extra 40, or lower, due to the disruption meaning less road deaths and murders?

I presume that people are just resigned to accept stabbings and shootings and road accidents and falling off of ladders and fires - all of which, just like a bomb on public transport, can happen to people like you or somebody you know, without warning; and can either kill instantly, or slowly, or maim and disfigure. Yes, it is more alarming when lots of people die in one event rather than hundreds of little ones here and there, and it's a lot more alarming when that one event is a deliberate action, but shock and horror is what terrorists are trying to do - please do whatever can be done to resist them!

And please please please don't let the Government use this to rush in a load of new liberty-reducing anti-terror laws of questionable usefulness...

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