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My father Lionel and stepmother Lynn were here to stay for a day again, so while Lynn took Sarah shopping, Lionel sorted out the little garage I am planning to make into my metalwork shop.

He did such a great job:

...that there's more space than I had hoped for, so I will instead make it into my full metal workshop. I was planning on just doing the forging and casting in here, and shouldering the metal machining into my grandfather's old workshop - but that can now stay as a wood workshop.

I just need to wait for the rest of my tools and the foundry stuff to arrive - hopefully not before I finish my backlog of work, because it would be frustrating to have it all there waiting to be set up when I don't have the time...

Lionel also found time to enjoy feeding Jean:

Whereas I, in an honest effort to (in one stroke) keep her warm, absorb any more partially-digested milk that should come out, and keep her sitting upright (which she likes, and cmplains if laid down when she's feeling inquisitive), managed to make her look like a Boohbah:

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  • By Margaret David Connor & Jordan, Mon 24th Oct 2005 @ 11:16 pm

    Alaric, you're watching far tooooo much telly my friend..................

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