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Since, as I mentioned before, the generator has 16A IEC 60309 weatherproof power outlets:

...I had to order special bits to make a nice lead for it. Well, they arrived today (along with a 20 litre petrol can), so I've made my nice lead:

Doesn't that look like it was bought in a shop rather than home-made? Nice arctic-grade PVC cable, since it'll need to run outside (we're not running the genset indoors!)

Well, that's the prototype of it. I have the same length of cable again plus a second set of sockets. I need to get a junction box to run the second set off, since we will need backup power on both floors of the house.

Since it took forever to get the nice white grommet on the cable where it goes into the twin socket, rather than redo it, I'll just cut the wire a metre back from the sockets to put the junction box on, making this just a little spur in a long cable.

And if there are any problems with power factors, I'll put appropriate reactive components in the junction box (plus test points so I can use my dual-trace scope to get voltage and current traces), too.


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