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The village we live near, Cranham, has a particularly strong community, which we are slowly working our way into (limited somewhat by the fact that we have very little free time right now).

So today we went along to a Christmas carol singing event at the village hall. Our very own GP was there ringing handbells, and afterwards we chatted to some of our new neighbours; including a lady who (like me) grew up only seeing from one eye (and thus had a very similar experience of problems with depth perception), and another lady whose first job had been programming in assembly language and COBOL in the 1960s (on PROPER computers with punched cards).

Mmmm, people with things in common with me... and they're all so friendly. It's a far cry from life in London, or indeed in Luton where I grew up.

This is going to be a lovely place for Jean to grow up! I really need to start getting involved more in local life, though - I've been idly discussing with a few people that the school's nice optical fibre Internet connection could be share with nearby residents (who can't get good ADSL due to our distance from the exchange) with a wireless bridge... and there are myriad societies to join...

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