Long time no write! (by )

Well me being super mondo muppet has yet again forgotten to actually writ anything on the blog!!!!

We'll I have to wait until september to restart my MRes :'( Oh well I supposed its ok - I bought a book on Microbiology which I have been working my way through - brain seizing up!!!!

I've been doing lots of drawing and jam amking and stuff to:)

I've also been trying to rekindle my passion for writting which I sort of lost during my degree even though I had done a Creative Writting course during my A'levels (yes I know I cant spell for toffee!!!).

Little baby is a delight! Two days ago her first tooth finally broke the surface:) though it is now v. painful too let her gum your finger - you have been warned!

I'm afraid that due to her new tendancy for bitting I have decided to be a bad mum and stop breastfeeding her (it really hurt and she just does it every time I try!).

Noooooooooo!!!! She's just had a containment breach - now I have to wash all her bedding 🙁


  • By Charlee, Tue 14th Feb 2006 @ 1:18 pm

    Stopping breastfeeding when they bite/draw blood is perfectly normal, and doesn't make you a bad Mum, besides the formula stuff you have is excellent, and she's already weaning isn't she?

  • By Tanya, Tue 21st Feb 2006 @ 4:09 pm

    Hey Sarah! Glad to see all is going well with you, Al and the little'un! She looks adorable! Would be nice to catch up sometime - email me! T x

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