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Jean's getting better at grabbing things.

She can now quite proficiently pick things up and feed them into her mouth; she's been doing so for a while, but now she manages to orient things correctly for insertion. Previously, she'd grab something in her fist, with the thing ending up poking out of the bottom of her fist, and then shove her fist in her mouth fruitlessly; now she'll rotate her fist to get the protruding morsel.

Also, since I change her in the bathroom (Sarah's father made us a most excellent changing table that sits on top of the bath, since we are short of bathroom space), I've been teaching her to pull the bathroom light switch cord. At first she'd just grab at it when I lifted her up to it and try to eat it, but with a bit of demonstration, she now manages to turn the light on or off without help about two thirds of the time. She now eagerly twists her head to find the pull cord whenever I pick her up from the changing table, looking forward to turning the light off as we leave.

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  • By woolstar, Fri 14th Apr 2006 @ 7:00 pm

    We considered a changing table, but decided that the floor is far safer. There's one in every room, its at ground level (no falling hazards), and you can leave them there afterwards to crawl off on their own (if they're that far along).

    Oscar is still at the eat the pull cords stage.

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