How far will one dish stretch? (by )

I decided to make a huge rat-a-toeey so in went the six tins of chopped tomartoes, four cloves of garlic, four large oinions, four cougettes, an aubergine, two peppers and half a bottle of tomatoe suace. Slow cookers are so handy 🙂

Then I thought well I can use this as a base of other dishes instead of freezing it and lo!

First of all we were going to have tacos so in went in some of the rat-a into a frying pan followed by some canallini beans and a tin of re-fried beans. Add some fajita seasoning and away we go!!! This was tasty and was great cold the next day as an accompaniment to salad.

Second, I served it actually as ratatoee with some rice.

Third, I used it as a base for pasta bake - now I was also planning on turning it into a soup but we've had lots of guests including Als cousin Phillipa and her boyfriend and my mum and dad - so I sort of run out!


  • By ella, Wed 31st May 2006 @ 2:20 pm

    Also curry! Add (this might sound weird) lime juice and carrots mmmmmmm Lime curry!

  • By becca, Fri 2nd Jun 2006 @ 12:34 pm

    You know it will make a great base for lots of italien dishes - pasta sauce, lasagne and is a good base for shepherds pie - and a whole host of other "pies"...and fajitas... the possibilities are endless with a good tomato based sauce!

  • By Sarah, Fri 2nd Jun 2006 @ 11:49 pm

    Yeah I was thinking Lasagne before I realised how many guests I had to feed and the mountians of food I had were not that much when there is five-seven adults to feed for several meals!

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