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Well the dishwasher wasnt working and we kept getting misterious wet patches - obviously the dishwasher - again right? Wrong! No some idiot in the past had failed to put an olive on the compression joint under the sink - Dad (mum and dad are staying with us this week) said 'oh whys it dripping from there when the problems the dishwasher' touched the joint and bam wam thankyou mame we have flood time as the joint falls to peices and we play hunt the stop cock. Finding the stop cock eventually after the down stairs is a river/me stupidly forgetting where the stop cock was ie the sensible place behind the freezer that fits in ;ike a cupboard - mass movement of much furniture had to ensue before we could get to the stop cock. Fearing dad would give himself another heart attack I have currently sent him out with Babara to get water sucky up things 🙁 More money litteraly down the drain! Hehehe a bad pun I know! The ladder cupboard in under an inch of water so I had to rescue the 20kg bag of rice - I hurt lots - physio will kill me - oh well best get back to the mopping I supoose! Again disaster stricks on the day Al is away on long journey ;(


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