Geologist Running Scared (by )

Ok so I'm still awake - brain active, thinking too much again - this is not good for the worlds general population especially if I start looking at the news and see just how we are screwing things up even more - sigh.

Why do I have insomnia?

Is it becuase I've had issues being cleared health wise to go back to college and have told them so and am waiting for the response - waiting to find out if I can do any geology this yr or wheather I will be sitting out on the bench in the cold yet again 🙁

Is it becuase I feel I've let people down - I have samples sitting there waiting for me, people have gone out of their way to help me, I want to be an astrobiologist dam it! I have impact lithologies waiting I have theories to investigate - I feel that I have also let mankind down in some odd way - maybe some discovery is hunged on my work - maybe one of the samples I have is important? I'm not saying I would make the discovery mearly that me having my mitts on the samples means that they are not currently being investigated when they may hold valuable info. But then again I know that there was a shortage of people to do the dog work 🙁

So whats the plan now - I really dont know - that probably explain why yet again I am buring the candle dead into the night :'(

I think I have geology withdrawal! Today I saw some mica glinting at me and lots of feldspar - I had to fight the instinct to drop to the gound to investigate the kurb of someones garden - I suspect the rocks/blocks came from scotland - sigh.

Maths keeps calling me too... I find my self wondering about how things work ie pooters then I start asking Al questions then I start getting itchy to do some maths - unfortunatly I'm still looking for my maths stuff - it must be still lurking in a box somewhere. In desperation I started working out sequence stuff - but couldnt remember so had to make up my own notation - I dont think stars and moons and hearts really cut the mustard 🙁

I can feel my brain shriverlling up from the lack of science - how do 'normal' people cope without it?

On the plus side Jean has the making of a 'proper' geologist! The first thing she did when placed on the grass near the gravel road - was to pick up a stone, examin it, turning it this way and that, waking it on the other stones to check for hardness and trying to determine its streak by 'drawing' with it - then the altermate sign of a 'proper' geologist - she tasted the sample!

(unfortunatly at this juncter I had to take the sample away from her which resulted in tears - no geologist likes having their samples confiscated!)


  • By alaric, Tue 8th Aug 2006 @ 11:34 am

    I know how Sarah feels...

    There's lots of things I'd like to be doing (messing with metalwork, designing microprocessors, implementing ARGON, etc), which I have to put on the back burner so I can get on with making money and looking after the house.

    I survive it by planning for a future where I do have free time again, when work pressures are less, when I'll be able to pursue my projects that might make some money (microprocessor design, etc), then if it works out and I get rich, retire young and spend the rest of my life fiddling with fun things 🙂

  • By Simon, Fri 18th Aug 2006 @ 8:43 am

    Tell me about it - I'm stuck here in a crappy, under-equipped office producing email promos for crappy mobile content, when I actually want to be stuck in a workshop detonating acetylene in reinforced steel tubes (more on this later ;), or working on the code for my new machine vision algorithm, or maybe just practicing the drums until I'm as good as I can be!

    There is no justice for the true pioneers...

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