Cryptanalysis (by )

Cryptanalysis is the science/art of analysing an encryption system's design to try and figure out how you'd break it.

If encryption systems were used properly, this would be very hard. After all, in that case, all you'd ever have access to was the design of the encryption system and a stream of intercepted encrypted messages.

However, in practice, it's possible to guess parts of the messages (perhaps most start with "Dear ..."), or even to occasionally steal a decrypted message and pair it up with its encrypted version, then study the relationships between them (known plaintext attacks). Or sneak a spy into the organisation being studied, and just ask them to send emails to the person at the other end of the encrypted link, in the middle of the night, at agreed times, so it's easy to spot the encrypted version of the message. Then you have a chosen plaintext attack, which is the most powerful kind.

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Sandwitches (by )

Some of our favourite sandwitches - thought it would be unfair not to share!

1) Fruity stilton rolls * sesame seed roll preferably the long 'finger' kind - crusty naturally. * roasted mediteranian vegetable humous * mango chutney * blue stilton cheese

Put spreed/butter on bread to taste. Then generously smear the humous on. Cut thickish slices of stilton - careful too thin and it crumbles! But beware stilton is a strong cheese! Probably best if you just put chunks on do not cover the entire surface. Then drizzel mango chutney - the runnier the better over the top. Options are do you have it as an open sani or as a closed roll? Its up to you

2) Avocado and Walnut Sandwitch * Bread of your choice. * Walnuts - preferable fresh * Avacardo (1/2 per person/sandwitch on average) - quiet wripe ones are best. * Salad cream

De-shell the walnuts and brake up into reasonable chunks. Spread/butter to taste. Peel, pitt and slice avacado and place on bread. Place walnuts on top and drizzel salad cream over. Best as a closed sandwitch!

3) Toasted Cheese Heavan For this you will need a flat bed toater - ie two hot plates that you close on the sandwitch - not the 'shell' patterned traditional sandwitch toaster. Flat bed toasters are the kind used for paninis.

  • Sliced square bread - bog standard loaf kind. Brown/white/whole meal you choose.
  • Hard goat's cheese - looks like a pale chedder.
  • Black olives - pre sliced ones will save you alot of work though they go off quicker!
  • Red Onions chopped into 'strips'.
  • Sweet corn

Put spread or butter on bread to taste. Cut thin slices of cheese and arange on bread. Put on the onion, olive slices and sweet corn. Put other slice of bread on top - make sure the spread/butter sides of the bread are inside the sandwitch and not on the outside as with traditional toasties. Put in toaster until ready (this will depend on the toaster some experimentation maybe needed.).

4) Bread Pizza

  • French stick
  • Pasta suace - the more garlicy, oniony and chunky veggy the better
  • Sweet corn
  • Onion
  • Pepper optional
  • For meateaters bacon, sausage and salami are also extra toppings!
  • Grated chedder/hard goats cheese
  • Blue cheese optional

Chop onions, peppers, and any meat things. Cut french stick into approprait sized pieces - 25 cm long is good. Slice each section longways to make two pizza bases out of each. Toast the crust side of the bread. Spread pasta suace on the non toasted side. Place topping on. Sprinkly grated cheese on liberall. Add a few small chunks of blue cheese to taste. Grill to perfection - eat making satisfied noises.

5) Olive Pannini Yummyness

Get/make paninnis with black olives inbedded in it - again this recipe calls for a flate bed toaster!

  • Walnuts - broken up preferally fresh
  • Brie or stilton depending on taste
  • Avacardos if you Alaric - sliceds

Make the dam paninni and put in toaster! Eat! Well after you've taken it out of the toaster of course!

6) Cheese sarni ideas!

  • Chedder and sliced apples
  • Chedder and spiced pear jelly
  • Chedder and cranberry jelly
  • Chedder and picallily
  • Chedder and apple sauce
  • Chedder and silton
  • Chedder, lettice, and salad cream
  • Replace the chedder with red lesture, cream cheese or cottage cheese.
  • Wensledale and cranberry cheese with apple sauce in crusty rolls
  • Mexician cheese with lemon corriander and humous

Wishlist (by )

I have finally conceided to peopled wishes - here is my Amazon wishlist - its also links at the side of the blog.

Its filled with lots of yummy goodness to keep Sarah Mucho happy 🙂

Mad Day No.3 – did someone mention maps? (by )

Ok I am shy (mostly) I do not but into conversations, I do not talk to strangers, I do not tend to volunteer my opinion - that was until Monday - you'd have thought that the scary man would have have completely cowared me but no obviously not.

I'm sitting there writting my diary and reading paper work drinking a too large cup of hot choc when I hear raised vioces and an arguement about maps - confussion on one mans part about the flate maps and realative sizes of countrys and what latatude means. Another man explaining and the thrid saying that that is besides the point what he was pointing out was the strangeness of England as a population centre when most other equivalent bits of the globe are inhospitable tundra.

Suddenly a well educated, confident young woman informed the of the gulf stream round the UK and the like - to my utter amazement the voice was coming out of my mouth! It didnt even sound like me - and then I ended up embroiled in a huge debate and explaining the fact we are not a perfect sphere even etc... I apologised for butting in but they seemed to be enjoying the extra level of argument and told me it was great and gave me some mental excersises to see if I know, actualltt know my location and the directions of other things - this was really interesting - they also told me of one other person they sometimes meet up with in this coffee shop - hes a geologist apparently.... etc....

The whole thing majorly suprised me to say the least!

Mad Day No. 2 – Grrrr! Super Chains (by )

Right - there was on thing I really liked about Cheltenham - a thing I have adored since the first time we visited it on some long ago Litrature festival. What is this wonderous thing I hear you ask!

I was Otticas a large apparently Tin Tin themed bookshop with a coffee shop deep in its bowls - ok well on the 1st floor anyway. On any outing to Cheltenham we have gone and had a little sit down in there. So when I started about two mounths ago having to go to Cheltenham for appointments I thought excellent - I get physio excersie walking to the shop for coffee and its not a Star Bucks - ok so its a costa but I thought it might help a bit with the whole Star Bucks, Tescos, Waterstones take over thung that is going on - ie the Super Chains as I have dubbed them.

Last Monday Otticas had a notice on the door saying they were shutting for three days for staff training - Oh not too bad I thought as it wont hit a Monday so I can still browse the books - maybe get another one for Als project and drink my hot choc. So I wondered up to it yesturday - past the Waterstones smiling to myself and feeling proud that I support the other book shops when I got to the door of Otticas - but it no longer said Otticas - no in fact it said Waterstones - I stood I stared, I steped backwards - I thought I had gone mad!

Ok I thought if its a take over then all the deals and stock will be different the layout will have been changed wont it? Andwhy is there still the other Waterstones which as always was doing a stonking trade. I said out loud 'Mew - I dont want it to be a Waterstones' then realised I was talking to myself! I went in - it was all the same... same staff, same books, same layout, just with Waterstones written on things.

In the coffee shop actually asked if it had been a Waterstons last Monday and the girl said no - they'd been taken overand I wasnt mad (I suppose lots of poeple would have been thinking the same).

Still I did find a nicer place earlier on to have lunch in a place called Moo Moos - its really lovely I will probably drag people there for tea and cake!

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