The Curse is Back >:( (by )


Yes you guessed it - everything is going wronge again 🙁

First of all the dishwasher broke - bang in the middle of the Foot Path inquiry - meaning there were loads of people to feed - I had volunteered to do the washing up as we have the dishwasher - but it keeps tripping the RCD (Residual Current Dectector) meaning that the not only is it not able to work but as we didnt initially realise - the power was down for a while including fridge and freezers.

We thought this was the bottom of the cursed machine filling up with water again - but two weeks on and its still tripping the RCD and is therefore dangerous 🙁 So this means we've been doing all the washing up by hand - so I hear you all say - I dont have a dishwasher grumble grumble grumble - except that it is harvest time and we have a glut - every time I turn around someone turns up with more windfalls to turn into something so sticky pots and pans and millions of extra bowls and choppign boards need to be washed.

Then we discovered on the third bowl of hot water that our 'boost' on the water heater has packed up meaning that we only have one tank of hot water to run on a day 🙁 So therefore washing up involves boiling kettles and the such like.

The day after the dishwasher broke I changed the water out of the tumble dryer and lo! The red light that tells me the water needs emptying now refuses to go out even though it is now empty 🙁 This has happened before to and was just down to some water pooling near the sensor which I mop up with a tea towl and then it may take 2 or 3 days to dry - not this time - oh no! Just as we start using the new washable nappies for Jean - the tumble dryer brakes - still not working - so thats washing hanging every where in the house making it even damper than it normally is - you know its bad when the condensation runs down the windows.

Then the left indicator on the van has started cutting out when its too wet - so looks like thats wonky cabling that needs fixing. Blower is also dead - and the most awkard one was the rear lights - not good for reversing in our parking space where there is the drop into the stream!

The kittens messed in the stable - we cleaned it up but hadnt realised there was a kitten egg just outside the door which we trod in and then walked all round downstairs before I started accusing all of smelling - this has ment a huge carpet shampoo so the furniture is all in much disaray.

Then poor Als laptop has become tempramental - going to sleep and not waking up with basically no warning. Not to mention the CPW thing and the bank having stuffed up direct debits into my account for my creadit card as my post keeps going walkys - so fines galour - I might have to strangly the next person that tells me that it may affect my creadit rating - when its there flipping fualt!!!!

The creme on the top - is that we may have found a leak in the roof - not sure yet though as its were there is staining from an old leak.


  • By Becca, Sun 8th Oct 2006 @ 3:26 pm

    Yeah you have been hearing all about our squirrel/roof/electrics fiasco...the biggest problem is finding a F-ing builder to turn up to do the job when they say they will - or be human enough to phone if they won't be able to make it. I swear tradesmen and pest control are from a diffent planet to other people - and they all need to read the Oxford English Dictionary deffinition of EMERGENCY.

    4 builders/roofers didn't turn up when they told us to wait all day for them...none of them even phoned = 4 days off work for us cos we have to be at home waiting for them to not turn up! Tradesmen seem to believe the world revolves around them....hence why we try to do as much in our house as we possibly can ourselves so we don't have to rely on them! Having a house is like having a saps everything from you 😉

  • By sarah, Mon 9th Oct 2006 @ 10:51 am


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