Jean, Food and the Cats (by )

Jean is becoming a proper mini person these days - her baby sign is improoving drastically including making up her own variations on them. On of the things she does is keep asking for more food until she has stuff in her mouth and something in each hand, or at least this is what she was doing. Now she stores it out of sight in the hope we wont realise and will give her more - we've been caught out by this one once or twice now. She got very indignant when I removed her store of grapes - lots of NO and snorting on her part plus 'grumpy donald duck' face.

The other interesting thing is her interaction with the cats. She feds them - I have to be really quick when nipping to the kitchen or what ever other wise they are eating out of her hand - this is only the kittens and not Minni - I have taken to turfing them from the house if I'm going to feed her! However she did get very annoyed with them when she had stashed something and they started trying to drag it away to eat it - she was really indignant with them - of course I upset everyone by throwing the cracker away!

She also says 'itan' which we assume is kitten as she is normally pointing at them whilst saying it. She hugs the 'itans' which they tend to tolorate until she starts trying to stroke them at which point they rapidly move to just out of her reach - she then crawls after them and everone goes round in circles. She just points at Minni these days, iterestingly she doesnt call Minni 'itan' she has a sound sort of like 'mmmack' so goodness knows what shes thinking with that one!

Minni seems to have grown to tolorate the kittens, especially H - she sometimes still attacks poor He but will sit next to H. She even eats next to them sometimes to eat!

The kittens are so funny to watch eating if Minnis got to the big plate before them - they then have to both eat from her little bog bowl thing and sort of push each others heads out of the way, they get steadily faster and faster and more and more insistant but without actually attacking each other - its quiet amazing to watch really. They are sort of polite about it somehow.

The last thing I have to say about the cats is that they all have very distinctive personalities that we have observed. If confronted with something that say hurt them on investigation - Minni would run away like a streak of black lightning, He would run out of range then turn and glare at what ever it was whilst H who is the cute bimbo would go 'ooo pretty, ouch, ooo pretty ouch.....' and so on ad infonitium. She also falls of chairs and falls into the stream generally by stretching and then rolling in the wronge direction. She has also accidently jumped into a bath of water - how she could have failed to notice we had removed the chaning table I dont know!

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