Yeti Hunt (by )

Well, today, we had all three sections tramping around hunting a Yeti.

I was the Yeti. Dressed in a rather fine costume Sarah's mother produced, I was covered head to foot in white fur.

We got all the Beavers into the hall, then I snuck out and changed into the costume in the van, then while they were kept occupied with games, I plodded around the village laying laser-printed paper footprints behind me. I led them down to the county scout HQ car park, then hid in the trees until they had all gone into the car park, then slipped out behind them and headed back up to the village hall, because it's not easy making a circular route in Cranham...

Back in the hall, I curled up in a corner and pretended to sleep; when they all came back, I was duly grabbed, and at Sarah's insistence (I'm an endangered species!) released into the wild (so I could change back before the Cubs arrived).

Then once the Cubs had arrived, Sarah, Jean, and I hopped into the van and drove down to the scout HQ, so Sarah could start on the bonfire; and I changed and grabbed my stack of footprints to head back up to the village hall to start laying my trail before they all came out to look for me. I led them along the bottom of the common, doubling back down past the Black Horse, then down to the scout HQ again; then along past the campfire and into the woods. However, I had some trouble in the dark finding a decent route through the woods, meaning I lost my head start and was spotted! They left the trail to try and go straight towards me, so lost the route - they couldn't get to where I was since there was a barbed wire fence... So after a bit of milling around they headed back to the campfire, whereupon I ran up from behind them and was duly pounced upon.

Then I had to disappear again before the Scouts arrived. This time I laid their trail out of the HQ, back up past the Black Horse, around the common, back past the village hall, then straight down the road to the HQ again; then the same as per the cubs. Having learnt from my mistake before, I hid well out of site as they came up into the woods, then ducked down behind a wall which the trail led over - and when they climbed over the wall, leapt up roaring - which was much more fun.

All that hiding in woods at night reminded me of my days in the Combined Cadet Force... which was pleasant 🙂

We're both very worn out now, since Sarah had a bad cold, and I had to do a lot of running about. Night night...

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