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When I was quite young (5 or so?) I remember having conjunctivitis - rather vividly, since it involved my eyes being stuck shut in the mornings and having to be cleaned out by my mother before I could open them. And, alas, I have it again; this morning, my wife had to clean my eyes up before I could see...

So when I could see well enough, we went and got this 'eye ointment' stuff that she had to put in my eyes (holding me down as she did it!), and afterwards, my eyes felt very sensitive so I sat there for some time with them closed.

This brought to mind a long-running area of interest of mine, which is the design of computer interfaces that are usable to the blind. I only see usefully with one eye anyway, so if anything should happen to the other eye, my career in software development will rather depend on such software...

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  • By Alex Blok, Thu 28th Dec 2006 @ 3:15 am

    I only learned of this via Sarah. Ouch. Re GUIs, with gonumber.com, if we have Title tags for each icon, then they could be spoken by a speech synthesizer as the pointer moved over the icons, and then, when the actual data behind the icon was 'viewed', it could be spoken too. If images have Alt and Title tags in them, would that not help too? And what about streaming audio on the site too? We could have an audio playback icon. Business owners could record podcasts.

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