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Thanks Charlee for pointing out this site as an alternative to the Salaric Shop, though I had already looked at it but I couldnt remember why I had decided not to go with it - a quick re-read infromed me!

Point 3 is why I didnt get an account plus its another american thing (I assume as its all dollars!) and I want something European based.

Similiar reason to why I didnt get a MySpace account.

But thanks anyway and keep the ideas coming! There has to be something UK or Europe based - surely?


  • By Charlee, Thu 28th Dec 2006 @ 9:40 am

    Yeah, I hadn't really researched it :s Just knew it was along those lines. There's always flickr? Hmm, there are other shops where you can get the goods made from your prints (even Tesco online and boots have these services) but hosting them as a shop, no sure. Perhaps an ebay shop? That's bound to get you lots of hits, and comes with the knowledge that you'll be protected by a bigger known entity to some extent? Plus you can accept payment through paypal easily etc. Wide audience too.

  • By sarah, Thu 28th Dec 2006 @ 10:50 am

    Tescos and Boots do domestic prints - I'm talking commercal here!

    I dont want to hold my own stock either - otherwise I'd just go to Romford Market have some stuff printed etc... thats why the Cafe press stuff is workable - I maintain the internet shop and do the marketing - keep taking photos and they handle all the processing orders and printing etc.....

    Again an e-bay shop would only work if I had actual stock which I dont - cafe press is a print on demand type of business. I would like a European/uk based one so that I could get stuff done and the postage wouldnt prohibite me from having a few things in the physical to sell - this is different from having a garage full of stock people might not buy!

    Does flicker do that sort of thing? I know theres that other company that does the little pics and stuff that you have but again I think that is on a domestic level and not comercial. I'm investigating them for another project anyway so will look!

  • By Mark, Thu 28th Dec 2006 @ 6:45 pm

    ..can't you use ? (They have a pro galleries section)


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