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Recently this has been my day - I need to sechele things differently next year as I'm not getting time to do as much physio and stuff....

I wake up at anytime between 5 and 9 am - Insomiac - remember.

Get up, wait for the coughing to pass.

Put the kettle on.

Riddle the fire and put more coal on it.

Pour hot water into the tea pot for tea.

Feed cats their brekki.

Make sure Jeans highchair is ready for her (this is if she hasnt insisted on getting up already).

Get Jean up - which involves nappy change, wash and dressing.

Feed Jean whilst drinking my tea and trying to sort out a website or two or read stuff that needs to be read.

Make sure that Al is fed and watered - especially if he's had to help get JEan up cos I'm too ill other wise he will just work without food.

Play with Jean and clean up the mess she made at Breakfast including trying to catch kittens covered in weatabix!

Suddenly realise that I'm being grumpy at 11:30 as I've forgotten to eat and take pain killers.

This is all whilst boiling the kettle to fill the sink with hot water to do the washing up that I didnt have the energy to do the night before. (Dishwasher why hast thall died? Hot water were hast thall gone?). Not to mention the stuff from breakfast.

Nappy change needed - I keep failing to notice for the potty to come out 🙁

Al comes down and tells me off for rushing around trying to do stuff and makes lunch - if he remembers - normal I will fed Jean lunch then remind him nicely that he needs to take breaks.

See how hungry the cats are acting and maybe feed them lunch.

Jean may or may not need another wash.

Play a bit with her.

She goes to sleep at 3 for about 2 hours

May have to sleep cos all energies gone but more lickily - swear as just found a kitten egg which involves the carpet cleaner coming out - normally leading to definate sitdown as get to o shaky.

If hand still working may try to do more web stuff or maybe writting or drawing if not read. Get Jean up - Al does the nappy change due to hefting baby issues with weak arm by this point in the day.

Jean may or may not be content to play by herself in her room for an hour - attempt to tidy downstairs.

Feed Jean whilst dealing with the fire again.

Play with Jean - demand Al comes down at 7 so he can play with her as she starts pointing at the stairs and going dahdahdah and trying to get up the things!

Have tea (everning meal) whilst Jean plays on the floor.

Try to remeber to rotate luandary.

Put Jean to bed - this may or may not require another wash but definatly requires nappy change and teeth brushing!

Tidy up.

Feed cats.

Go see waily Jean and put her back to bed.

Desperatly try to do all the web stuff etc... I havent managed to do doing the day and writ an article or two!

Prize Al from the computer at 11 get really insistant at 11:30 then panic as we both realise we need to do the luandary we've forgotten about and the washing up, whilst still trying to be inbed by 12.

Have huge coughing fit when go to do the laundary (as I have to go outside to get to it and temperature changes are bad!) and another whilst changing for bed - be peed off.

Get back out of bed to clean teeth and get glass of water.

Check on Jean - smile as you watch her fingers feeling the teddy bear whilst she sleeps.

Go into bedroom and confiscate laptop from Al - who then get annoyed when he realises I'm trying to writ something on mine and so confiscates that!

Try to sleep.

There will be a few other nappy changes or other things fitting in that lot!

Dont get me wronge - the sedule should be handilable but not with my health state at the moment - Mondays when I'm out for appointments and meetings tends to be my only time to actually get any work done! Somehow the days Jeans in nursery tend to be taken up with meetings and stuff :/

Still we both survived doing the writtening course which has lead to several business oppertunities and means we now know some more people in this area. Still the extra evening next term will be a relief!

Wednesdays is obviously the Scouts which is quiet frankly a relief from the work - especially for Al - It also means he spends one whole evening away from a keyboard and pooter screen which can only be healthy! The only issue we have with it at the moment is that we need more helpers and some storage so that poor Al doesnt have to keep hefting that HUGE box!

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