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The Relies

At the weekend I meet a cousin I had never before met and her husband who are on a visit from Australia! We met up with Shelia in Wales with my mum and dad.

It was interesting as I have dim memories of my aunts visiting when I was little - making mud pies and pretending to be a witch on a broom stick are about the only things I remember.

The only other one of the 9(?) cousins on my dads side that I've met was again when I was very small and I think pre-David so I had to be under 4 yrs old - he was called Glen and slept in the awning of our caravan on a family holiday in Wales and thats about it.

So this was all quiet exciting!

She makes websites which I'll link too in the side bar when I get a chance.

I also found out that the strange knecklace I have with a picture made of bits and pieces is one of my aunts bark pictures - which is nice though I think its probably still supposed to be in Essex and got packed up accidently from my bedroom when I moved in with Al.

We were hoping to go and see some of our Welsh relatives whilst in Wales - again dads side but unfortunatly the car decided to spring a quiet server leak which wasn't fun - reckon mine and dads bad luck fields are sinked and therefore amplyfy the bad luck - oh well never mind I can go and annoy those relatives at some other point!

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