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I keep forgetting she's not here and going to check on her in the dead of night, I think Al is taking her continued abscense harder than me. We've phoned mum and dad so much to check up and try to speak to her that I'm starting to dread the phone bill!

Not that she actaully seems to have noticed we are missing from her life - apparently she's been asking for Meeeme (Minni/any cat) but not for us!

She's also been ill again though they did tests and its definatly the chicken pox, wish we could be with her 🙁

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  • By Angie (Mum), Mon 30th Jul 2007 @ 4:16 pm

    Of course she is missing you two, sorry if I have not made that clear. Dad and I are only here locu-parentis, she often calls for first one and then the other and sometimes both of you at the saem time. We haven't laboured the point when we have spoken to you.

    Don't ever think she can go away on any sort of trip and not miss her Mum and Dad 'cause that doesn't happen. We are here with her but are well aware that she misses you two. Jean is a well balanced and happy little girl who understands a great deal of what is going on. The two oldies, uncle David and auntie Michelle will do for now until she can have Mum and Dad back. She knows you will be about soon, but remember because of circumstances of late she is so used to us that arriving here with us was no sur- prise.

    To think that she does not miss you too is an error and I am sorry if you ever got this impression, I only know that the brave decision made to send her here away from the floods and contaminated furniture and water was the right one and that Dad and I are enjoying our time with Jean and being able to help you two out on this occasion.

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