This Weeks Disastors (by )

Wednesday - the Rainbow man came and drilled wholes in our floor and concluded that we are still quiet wet.

Thursday - stomache v.v.v. bad wondering if boiling the spring water is actually killing the e-coli that resides within.

Friday - Barbara tripped over the leads of one of the fans that are drying her house out and hits her head and shoulder queit badly.

The weekend was fine as Alaric was about and so dispersed mine and my dads bad luck fields. Except for Sunday when we discovered that there may have been a double booking of the hall cuasing an issue with Cubs and Scouts.

Monday - broke Moo Cow glass that my friend Helen got me for my birthday yonks ago. Chipped one of the mugs that belongs to the nice set we got as a wedding pressant whilst unloading it at the Big Yellow.

Tuesday - Discovered that the Doctors have lost my blood tests so I have to have it all done again including starving. Discover that Jean has head lice and whilst out getting nit stuff the van breaks down and I discover that my RAC card is not where I thought it was. I trip over the rolled up carpet in the mill and jar my pelvis so that it is once again going clickity click. Confirmed issue with the Hall for cubs and Scouts - start trying to contact everybody.

Wednesday - Jean wakes me up with cries of 'Mummy, oh dear poo! Mummy oh dear water wet, Mummy oh dear cot floor icky yuck.' She had had a server containment breach of the nappy kindwhich resulted in bath, and all bedding washed including, 'MY TEDDY! Bear, bear no!' Teddy and bear and hopsital bear and kitten and Mrs Seal all had to go into the washing machine somehting that Jean was most indignant about with tears an' all.

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