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Poor Dad - the day after he had the massive hypo he forgot to take his meds - I had reminded him and sent him off to have them but something went ary on route namely he got into a conversation with Barbara. Unfortunatly becuase I'd sent him off to have the his injection and stuff I assumed that it was all ok.

Now I've never actually seen the affects of too high sugar in him though I seen them with my mum but some how this seemed completely different - maybe becuase it was really fast acting? I didn't twig that he was drinking too much though I know thats a bad sign, mainly becuase I have a cold and I was really thirsty myself. By the time we realised what was wrong we where a fair distance from the house and getting back was painful for dad as his mouth dried out too the extent that his lips where sticking to his teeth. We had to stop and get him a drink so that he could concentrate on driving.

This was bad ontop of the low sugar and hypo the day before and as a result the next day - Saturday he was helping me move stuff (which I can't do by myself becuase of the hernia and my back) when he suddenly started clutching at his chest and gritting his teeth. He had also gone a bit grey - now as alot of you know he had a heart attack about 6 weeks before mine and Alaric's wedding which I didn't see becuase I was working at the Union that night but he was acting like my brother had said he acted then - even down to the fact he was saying he was fine! Also he was exhibating the sort of signs my first aid training has down as heart attack - but it wasn't bad and he was talking to me and he knows his own history and stuff and I knew he had the Nitrolingal spray (Al always teases him that its a high explosive! - it being nitroglycerine!).

Never the less I was still panicing and phoning people to ask advise - I didn't want to call an ambulance for nothing and I also did not want to wait until things got bad - if thats what they where going to do.

But he seemed to be getting better and after about 40 minutes was pretty much back to normal bar being tired so he went for a rest whilst I cooked dinner.

I think in future he is going to have to leave the meds where ever we are having breakfast which is what he's done the previous times he's stayed - this time they where in the room he was staying in which made it easy to forget also he was very stressed out becuase of mum's opp which is one of the reasons he was down here the later half of this week - I was supposed to be looking after him.

I don't think I've done a very good job 🙁

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