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Mum's lymph nodes where mostly clear of the cancer bar one but that is still good and means it has been cuaght very early on. Her bone scan was cancer free as well but she still has to go through the radio therapy and a little bit of chemo (I assume becuase it was in one of the lymph nodes). Apart from that she'll have to take tomoxifen for the next five years - there isn't an entery on wikipedia for this drug nor on NHS direct. I've found a canadian breast cancer group who mention it as having side effects of hot flushes, weight gain and low energy levels but not what it's actually for.

I have however found a tamoxifen so am wondering if I miss heared but this drug (which is used for brest cancer patients and has the same side effects) is only allowed to be prescribed for six months in the UK according to NHS direct so I'm wondering whats going on to be honest. sorry I don't normally worry like this but its just after our experiences in the past with this hospital trust (name change or no name change) I feel things have to be checked up like this.

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  • By Angie (Mum), Fri 16th Nov 2007 @ 4:42 pm

    You have the right spelling, whatever NHS direct have said I have been told that I will be given any treatment that is necessary to aid my recovery regardless. I can only be guided by what they say, if I don't need it for five years, yipee. The people in the care area are well aware of the litigation that is going on with Oldchurch/Queens, but apart from that receptionist stupidity and rudeness (she wasn't on duty today) I have had exemplary treatment and have been well looked after so far. I am sorry that it has worried you all so much but thank God from my intuition and tenacity. Like me, don't ever feel afraid to stick to your guns if you do not agree with a diagnosis. Had I have taken their first diagnosis as true, the story could have ended with a much worse senario.

    As your Dad told the Doctor "We'll have to wait for another day to collect the insurance!"

    See you tomorrow.


    Num xxx

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