Mystry Cat is off the hook but man it hit the wallet hard (by )

Here is a picture of Hydrogen just before she went off to the vet this morning - some of the blood and puss is just visible.

blood on the collar

It turned out not to be a bit or scratch - instead she had a piece of twig lodged in the side of her neck that must have been there for ages and took some removing, in hind sight Albert (Barbaras gardener was commenting on the fact that she didnt like the side of her head chuckeled and she had kept mewing at us but we had thought she was just looking to be stroked.). Saddly if she'd been any of the other cats we would have noticed before it got to that state becuase they all sit on laps but Hydrogen is too energetic and kittenish still for that. We thought she was being sad because she hasnt really grown up and her sisters stops playing with her.

She is also apt at climbing trees especially the black thorn looking for birds - poor thing it must have been really apinful 🙁

Due to our normal comedy of errors we fialed to get the cat box that I had organised and so had a hug cardborard box in which to try and bring her home in - this didnt work and I ended up hugging her many as she was endanger of hurting herself. She's wearing one of those funny collars and has what appears to be a drinking straw stuck into her (for fluid drainage) but the poor thing couldnt eat with it on as its longer than her head so Al had to initially hold her plate of food up for her (the same went for the water and boy was she hungry when we got her home).

eating difficulties hand fed

This obviously wasn't a very practical solution as Al couldnt stay there all night with her so we jury rigged something out of our spice rack thing and a couple of F-clamps, it has worked suprisingly well!

The feeding apperatuse

Tomorrow the antibiotics start which means we have to somehow feed her pills - hmmm I can see that being loads of fun :/

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