Poor Hydro-puss (by )

Well we took her to the vets this morning and it is an absess that has burst probably from a bit or scratch that became infected from fighting. The vet thinks it is unlickely to be one of our own cats (which due to terratory stuff includes tim and betsy) so that only leaves mystry cat 🙁 I thought he was getting on well with the other cats - him and tim just mew at each other all the time, but then hydrogen is the stupid friendly one out of the cats and has no concept of personal space or boundaries and is always being batted by the other cats for being in their face.

Poor little thing. I had organised a cat box to take her in but then we couldn't fine the house this morning so she had to just be wrapped in a towl and taken in on my lap. Fortunatly (and unfortunatly) the trip Al was supposed to be on was canceled so that ment Jean still got to nursery as dad was here aswell. Hydrogen meowed pitteiously all the way there but stayed very still nestled in my arms rather than really making any attempt to escape.

We thought they'd just clean her up and maybe do some stitches and give an injection but instead she's got to go under and have ther area shaved and cleaned and then drained. She was also running a temperature from the infection. So we have left her there and the vet will phone us later.

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