Fell in a whole (by )

You are n9ot going to believe me :/

I fell in a whole - I got stuck in said whole and had to be puled out, I cut my hands on a digger bucket and felt very very stupid.

Dig a whole

We are having flood defenses put in and the trench had grown abit since I last looked at it so at the weekend I managed to (in the dark) walk straight into it and slide down down, over the frozen earth and became wedged between the side of the whole and the digger bucket with my legs uselessley waggling and no way to bend my kness to get a perchase to climb out.

I'm afraid I screamed as I fell in and then finiding I was actually stuck begain to yell at which point Dad and Alaric came running closely followed by a little Jeany bow who got most upset seeing me stuck in the whole.

I for some stupid once out became so shaky you'd have thought that I had been doused in ice cold water (well in fact I was just above the ice cold water as my breasts wouldnt let me fall all the way through).

Ontop of that we missed the Grift Service with the scouts so I have no idea what happened to my scouts who went - weather they found their seats ok and stuff :/

I am quiet bruised and have an infected cut on my hand from it all, my pelvis also desided that the knock was enough to make it start clicking again - sigh.

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  • By Angie (Mum), Tue 18th Dec 2007 @ 12:38 pm

    Its a relief to know that our oversized assets come in handy!!!! Without them you could have floated down river!!!! See you soon



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