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The level of the stream has dramatically and drastically risen even though it is not raining - someone up stream is doing something something like opening the gates to an artificial lake or some other man made resevoir and they did not tell us. This happened once before when a dam to the fisher broke sending a surge of water down to us nocking Gilbert (Barbaras little boy statue) off his feet. This is a slower rise as in there isn't an obvious wave of water traveling down stream but never the less something is happening somewhere. The water is still rising and the poor guys who where fixing the tunnel have got water in their wellies and all sorts!

It has also proceeded to wash away all the work they had done yesturday and this morning which of course is bad news 🙁 The cement obvious needs time to dry and the such like - sigh sometimes I wonder if this is all ever going to be put right.

On the bright side however the skip has arrived for the removal of our kitchen and our plaster!! This has made me really happy as it feels like things are really moving this time.

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  • By Flo, Wed 30th Jan 2008 @ 12:14 pm

    Oh no! Bad luck...chin up! This nightmare WILL end soon!

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