Medieval Machines (by )

On Saturday me, Al and Jean went to the Cheltenham Museum and looked at the Medieval Machines they currently have there!

Jean loved it!

jean and daddy water wheel egg timers a new obsession tessilating tiles building bridges

They also had a medieval loom which I have used for a blog post. We also had a little look around some of the rest of the museum including the special exhibate which is currently a lot of prints showing the Alphabet of trees - which I have also written up on Salaric!

It was lots of fun 🙂 And very very interactive - though JEan didn't like the jousting horse cos it moved too much. I personally feel that Al got more out of the bridge building excersise than she did but never mind! There was also a water wheel which she really liked and I felt was highly appropriate considering where we live! Unfortunatly she did become abit obsessed with the giant hour glass that she made Al turn over repeatedly for her 🙂

Chicken Pox – Again (by )

Yesturday as well as my physio appointment we had an appointment for Jean as she has had a perminate cold for about six weeks and it had esculated in the last few days. The result of the appointment was that she was fine and it is just a string of colds etc... but its good for her immune system. If the cough becomes weezy come back etc... becuase there is a slight chance that she could have asthma.

I asked about glue ear and he said it was borderline at the moment but that they now avoid putting gromets in as it tends to clear its self up and they have less invasive techniques now - I had gromets twice so I am obviously on edge about Jeans hearing.

Again we now have a list of things to look out for - she is still abit young for a hearing test to be reliable but shes responding to sound so hopefully she'll be ok.

Anyway, we sent her into nursery and at 2pm we get a phone call saying that she is covered in spots and has chicken pox and could we come and get her - sigh - that will be why she was suddenly worse with the cold stuff. How many times is she going to get this particular thing?

Again she doesn't even reaklly seem ill - no temperature just getting tired quickly and being abit naughty really.

More Physio (by )

Yesturday saw more physio for me including some light massage to try and get the muscles out of spasm - apparently the muscles in my back have been in continous spasm for at least four months which is supposed to be absolutly exhusting :/ I have two weeks of the current excersises and gentle massage and if the muscles haven't started to ease up its back to the doctors for muscle relaxents.

Also though previously they couldn't find any nerve damage apparently there is but its on a different set of nerves to those that do the reflexes which is why it wasnt showing up. This is why I have descensatized skin and why I sometimes loose control of legs and stuff. However the nerve issue is probably from inflamation in the opening in the vertibrea where the nurve comes out and it is sort of putting pressure on it so that the signals are all just dulled rather than having complete lose - this is actually a bit of a pain as it means its alot harder to pin point exactly where the trouble is.

I have to say that I am very very sore after this session and am not looking forward to more indefinate pain. On top of that my pain killers give me headaches so I am a mega grump at the moment.

A Missed Eclipse (by )

Last night was supposed to be a full lunar eclipse and as this is my Year of Astronomy I thought I'd watch it even though it was at totality at about 3 am. Well we stayed up and annoyingly half an hour before the shadow was due to first touch the moon there was a moon shining bright if a bit hazily in the sky so we where hoping. I even took some practice shots of the moon with a not very good camera.

moon view finderThrough the veiw finder

moon telescopeThrough the telescope

moonJust with the camera and its the only one that I can say is actually worth looking at :/ Though it is still tiny.

It was a shame that we didnt get too see it but we did notice the light levels dipping perceptively and I got quiet alot of the hook rug I'm currently making done. Dad phoned at about 3:30 to say that he hadn't been able to see it in Essex either - did anyone in the UK actually get to see the eclipse?

Oh well never mind - I was going to makes scetches and stuff too but alas and alack!

Of Ice and Sheep (by )

I am frozen at the moment - the ice just isn't going so here in the valley we have ice all day leading to slabs of ice and icicles all over the newely instated waterfall and riverlets of ice near the road.

icicle slabs ice

On the plus side we finially have sheep 🙂

The field is full of wooly bar sheeps and there even appears to be some with the characteristic woolly faces meaning that we think we have the villages Cotwold Lions! The farmer who's sheep they are is the current designated looker afterer of the Cranham villages flock so we are very happy 🙂


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