Sick again :( (by )

I am sick again - headache coming up from the gland at the back of the ears, sore throat, joint pain and sort of a slicing pain along my muscles - it feels like the flu without the deep bone ache and funnily enough through my ears and throat are affected my nose is for once perfectly clear. I just feel rubbish I can't really say more. Glands are painful and my breathings a bit laboured and odd - like I'm in a steam room or something that sort of damp preassure 🙁

On the plus side my heat rash has dramatically subsided so no more nasty red blisters 🙂 and the itching sores on my legs are gone. I think my immune system just couldnt cope with looking after a Jean whos sick and having very little sleep.

Tomorrow I take Jean to the drs - I feel rough and am not entirely sure how I am going to be able to do this.

I keep getting a strange nusea and going right off of food too which doesn't help as I'm starting to feel week.

The really frustrating thing is though that I really want to sort the house out and feel that every time I turn around a new obstical has been placed in the way 🙁

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