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Today in the Snell-Pym nursery a.k.a Jeans bedroom Jean asked Mummy for a film so Mummy asked furfur if he could bring some films with him when he came to see us. He bought lots of fun DVD's with him including Life on Earth and other interesting things.

Jean chose a DVD and called it the people film it was Balamory and after five minutes of the first episode Mummy decided she wanted to mass murder the entire cast and blow up the pretty coloured houses. After Ten minutes Mummy started to irrasistably hum the theme tune. By the end of the first viewing Mummy was considering torture was - mayby - in this case justified.

Jean asked mummy to play it again and as she is still quiet sick Mummy agreed - Jean then watch it on loop for the entire afternoon! Mummy decided that a placated Jean was probably worth the mind rot the tune and simpicity of the programme wrought upon adults and decided that mass murdering the crew wasn't such a good idea. She did however decide that Balamory was prehapse the DVD she'd hide at the bottom of the stack - But Jean loved it so much that Mummy didn't have the heart to do it.

Balamory good for two year olds - suicide inducing in adults - this is my conclusion - I'll say this for them though - they really do cater well for their target audience and this is why Sarah is not a teatcher especially of the under tens! shudders

On the plus side I was clapping the rhythems each time the theme tune played and on about the seventh time I gave up as Jean wasn't clapping with me - But becuase I wasn't clapping it she did! And she got it right!

I think one episode at a time would be tollerable - sigh.

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  • By Becca, Thu 22nd May 2008 @ 9:27 pm

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to agree with you!!!! Olly knows all the characters and everything....

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