They say these things come in Threes! (by )

They say bad things come in threes - well here's todays three:

Number one - we where moving the fridge freezer in from the little garage and due to dad accidently ending up taking all the load there is now a little set of half moon scuff marks where the bracket on the bottom of the appliance cut into the lino 🙁 My poor new floor :'( Poor dad was mortified and thought he'd ruined my entire life - I am currently trying to work out if I can fix this disastor.

Scour marks on the lino

Number Two - once the fridge freezer was in place we begain to assemble the Ladder racks unit that we had there pre-flood - it has little adjustible feet - bad was trying to get the thing to stand level when my mum phoned with some suggestions on what to do with the lino - Dad accidently snaped the foot off of the ladder racks - but as loads of rust poured out of the thing this was hardly suprising. To say he was unhappy at this point would be putting it lightly.

broken foot

Number three - in going to to see how dad was as he'd slunk off to make a replacement foot out of some off cuts of wood - obviously not adjustible, I managed to step on a thin metal tac which went right through the sole of my trainer and into the sole of my foot when the next second I trod on a small stone that forced it up into the rubber sole making it impossible to remove. Foot hurting and a pair of shoes rendured useless - you could say we are having a good day here today.

ouchy foot


  • By Matthew, Thu 22nd May 2008 @ 7:12 pm

    if you can feel where the tack is with your foot, then you should be able to use a pair of thin-ish nosed pliers to get hold of it by pushing down into the sole of the shoe and grasping the tack and removing it.

  • By Angie (Mum), Thu 22nd May 2008 @ 9:22 pm

    If you want to wait to see to the floor until I come down next and cover it for now with a thick small sheet of polythene I will help deal with it.

    As for the other two I can't do anything with them but I hope your foot gets better soon. The ladder rack can now be friends with Long John Silver and his wooden leg!


  • By Aunty June, Sun 25th May 2008 @ 10:07 pm

    Some brown paper, lino glue and a warm iron, lots and lots of patience, it will work, good luck Aunty Junie.xx

  • By Sarah, Thu 29th May 2008 @ 10:52 pm

    Thanks will do 🙂

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