Chicken Pox (by )

Just come back from the Dr and Jean definatly has chicken pox but badly and she was immunized against it which is a good thing as other wise it would have been a lot worse. Becuase of the amount of spots extra that she has she should not get it again at all apparently it was becuase the other cases where mild that she's been getting it multiple times.

The drs (the first one went to get a collegue to check stuff out becuase she was a bit concerned) said the most important thing was keeping nials short I pointed out I'd cut them short as soon as we got her home from the nursery which for some reason they seemed impressed with when I thought it was just the sensible thing to do. They also said that I could bathe her in a tepid bath containing bicarbanate of soda to help sooth her skin. Which goes against what nhs directs website said but hey maybe its only for when you have lots of spots!

I have to watch out for Jean experiencing any ear ache and keep an eye on her breathing but was assured that complications are rare (though they said that if we hadn't immunised her she would have had complications with how bad this lot is).

Within herself she seems alot more perky today though we are having a bit of an issue with her pulling her scabs off to show people :/

Sick again :( (by )

I am sick again - headache coming up from the gland at the back of the ears, sore throat, joint pain and sort of a slicing pain along my muscles - it feels like the flu without the deep bone ache and funnily enough through my ears and throat are affected my nose is for once perfectly clear. I just feel rubbish I can't really say more. Glands are painful and my breathings a bit laboured and odd - like I'm in a steam room or something that sort of damp preassure 🙁

On the plus side my heat rash has dramatically subsided so no more nasty red blisters 🙂 and the itching sores on my legs are gone. I think my immune system just couldnt cope with looking after a Jean whos sick and having very little sleep.

Tomorrow I take Jean to the drs - I feel rough and am not entirely sure how I am going to be able to do this.

I keep getting a strange nusea and going right off of food too which doesn't help as I'm starting to feel week.

The really frustrating thing is though that I really want to sort the house out and feel that every time I turn around a new obstical has been placed in the way 🙁

I saw something sad today (by )

My train to take me to London for the week leaves from Stroud, a small town near us with a train station. It was me, Jean, and Sarah in the van; Sarah's father was coming down on one train, then my train was heading back about an hour and a half later, so we'd hang out in Stroud for a bit, then he'd take my place and drive Sarah and Jean back in the van.

The journey from our village down to Stroud goes via Painswick, a picturesque village frequented by tourists. Because of this, it has a commercial area along the main road through it, with lots of tea shops and pubs. Well, that makes it sound like a thriving metropolis - it has a few tea shops, two pubs, a post office that also functions as a stationer and newsagent, an excellent little chemist, and various antiques and crafts shops. Which is a thriving metropolis compared to our village of Cranham, which has a single pub and a post office that opens two mornings a week (soon to close).

If you don't want to read a graphic account of a cat being seriously injured by a vehicle - stop reading here.

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Poor spotty Jean… (by )

Jean seems to have yet another case of chicken pox - the third one since the flood...

Poor spotty Jean

Oh well. At least it's the weekend so I don't need to be working, and can sit with her in her bedroom and play with cars and watch films all day while Sarah does the gardening and continues to work on sorting the house out... I think I've got the easy side of this...

We’re back! (by )

We're back in our house! We just spent the first night back in it...

We've got upstairs cleaned out enough to move back in, but downstairs is still a pile of bags and boxes and furniture, waiting for us to put the furniture into place so we can unload all the stuff onto it.

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