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Poor Minni has been getting abit smelly and then I noticed that her bottom looked a bit odd and she kept cleaning it all the time. She was also beating up the poor kittens and turned out to be prime suspect for poor Heliums injuries last week.

I picked her up to look at her properlly and lo! She appeared to be leaking the brown stuff which was to say the least skuzzy plus it had me worried - I thought she might be having a prolapse and got very unhappy as I thought she was going to have to be put down.

Al took her to the vet this morning and much to our relief it was an infected anal gland so after some rough prodding/cleaning out of the gland by the vet (resulting in icky brown slime) and some antibiotics injected into the infected area she seems quiet happy and far more even tempered than she has of late.

The down side is that obviously this was another £30 odd quid and she is going to have scar tissue there making her more prone to this sort of infection in the future :/

Still all in all we now no longer have a Smelly Cat!


  • By alaric, Mon 23rd Jun 2008 @ 9:47 pm

    Oh, the antibiotics weren't injected into the affected area - just into the nape of her neck as usual, to help her fight off the vestiges of the infection now that the pus was all out!

    Poor Minnie. She took going to the vet quite stoically - she was a bit annoyed to be put in the cat basket, but soon settled down and just peered out of the windows looking a bit cross as I drove there. While we were waiting at the vet I put my hand in and stroked her until she relaxed a bit and purred, then when we went in, she was a bit cross but resigned as she was poked and prodded on the table with me stroking her to keep her calm. She yowled and tried to escape when it came to having a thermometer stuck up her and then the offending gland manually squeezed out by the vet, after which she shuffled to the edge of the table that butted up against the wall and tried to curl herself into a tight ball, but didn't try to attack myself or the vet. After being put back into the cage she soon settled down again, albeit now much crosser, but when I got home and let her out next to her food bowl, she hopped out and started eating, then was perky and happy again.

    I've seen cats fight all the way to the vet, constantly try to escape, then when released go and cower behind a cooker for the rest of the day!

  • By Earle Martin, Sat 5th Jul 2008 @ 2:33 pm

    Thanks guys x

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