TechAdventure 2008 (by )

Sarah and I went to TechAdventure in Bristol on Saturday.

It was fun! We'd both been rather sad about the fact that we'd not really gotten into the local geek scene. Almost all our nerdy friends are London-based. So we were keen to go to a local geek event...

So we swapped some EPROM programming and erasing gear for some books and a patch panel at the swapshop.

I was rigged for motion capture:

Me being rigged for motion capture

We have a video of me moving around with the rig on. It's rather dark, so you need to turn the brightness and contrast all the way up to see it properly...

We saw John Honniball and a tiny subset of his extensive collection of ancient computers.

We saw a guy who'd made a plotter from a turntable and a horizontal carriage from a printer.

And we saw and participated in a whole bunch of other stuff...

And we met loads of people. Which is great, since we want to meet more tecchie people from this neck of the woods!


  • By John Honniball, Fri 4th Jul 2008 @ 11:22 pm

    Glad you liked the show! In all, I have over one hundred old computers, most of them functioning. The limiting factor for a show that this is not just space on the tables, but time taken to prepare and finding some way to transport them all! As it was, I gained two Sinclair Spectrums (with disk drive) from someone who saw the display, went home, into his loft, and came back.

  • By Sarah, Mon 7th Jul 2008 @ 10:49 pm

    Cool 🙂

    Maybe you need a van 🙂

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