Jean’s Third Birthday Party will be the 30th of August (by )

Jean will be a whole three years old at the end of August so sue to demand we are celebrating it by having a party on Saturday the 30th of August. The party will start at 10 am and go on all day 🙂

There will be the BBQ's out so if you want to bring something to slap on there feel free - we will obviously be having seperate meat and veggi BBQs! There will be cake and I have a few drinkies left over from other events but you'd might want to bring something yourself aswell as budgets are a bit tight as always!

We have floor space and space to camp for those who need it.

If you could let me know wheather you're coming or not that would be helpful too 🙂

For those of you who didn't make it to the last party we have the candy floss machine, chocolate fondue, pop corn maker and the doughnut maker!

Weather and time permitting we'll get the pool out as well so bring a cosy/wetsuit or what ever 🙂

At the moment Jean is keen on Colouring in, trains and being outside for those who tend to ask.

IF anyone wants to know about B'n'B's let me know.

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