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Today I'm going to London for the first day of my MRes - of course there are still problems with registry but I've been told to ignore all that as a formality though the absesnce of a libary card when they want essays in in about six weeks worries me. The other issue that their does not appear to be any room numbers in the paper work they sent me.

I'm heading off to Highgate first to have lunch with Al and co then its over to UCL to scout things out - they might have completely rebuilt the department whilst I've been away like Imperial did and I actually have no directions.

I am also really really nervous. The ticket machine at Stroud was broken last night when Al tried to get my pre-booked tickets before he headed for London. He's bought the tickets on his card so I have no idea if I'll be able to get them or not 🙁

Also today is going to be a very long day as we drop Jean off at nursery and I have a window of exactly one train to get back and that is the last one from Padington. Ho hum. Still I have some papers to read (as in ones on lunar stuff which is what the lecture is tonight - its with the guy I didn't get the PhD with yonks ago (just before the wedding (look nesting brackets!))) not to mention a fantastic book about research techniques in palaeontology.

Well here goes. I'm also nervous as I missed the begining of term party - it was on Friday and also they had failed to send a time for it.

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