The van is fixed! (by )

After the van's sad demise, it went off to Sarah's excellent uncle David to be fixed.

Anyway, he sorted it out, and I picked it up last weekend, but I've only had a moment to write about it now!

Basically, the front right wishbone had broken. It's a big triangular metal thing that attaches to the chassis on two hinges, and then attaches to the wheel at the other end, with the shock absorber coming down into the middle. As the van rides over bumps, it pivots on the hinges, regulated by the shock absorber. So it plays an important part in supporting the weight of the van.

However, knowing I'd be interested, after replacing it with a new one, David put the broken one in the van for me to take a look at!

A broken wishbone

I'd have expected something like this to be a solid casting - but no, it's two pressed sheet steel shapes welded together, making a hollow body. It looks like thick steel, 3mm or so, but near where it's cracked apart, it's more like 1mm. I presume that's due to corrosion over the years.

A closer view of the break

Here's the new one - in situ, under the van. It's the shinier, blacker, cleaner looking part, although it's already picked up quite a bit of mud.

The new wishbone

The old one is now in the little garage, awaiting cutting apart to investigate its construction and exact reason for failure, then WELDING PRACTICE!


  • By Seth Simons, Tue 4th Nov 2008 @ 4:58 pm

    of course, if this was india, you'd get your friendly neighborhood walla to weld a steel plate over the cracked area for "50 rupees per welding rod". I reckon the reason you got it replaced cheap is due to the fact that transit vans are diabolically common here, and it's a bit that's likely to break (heavily loaded, etc etc). Seeing the damage makes me mildly concerned to have been driving it through traffic!

    Old Bill: Ello Ello Ello son, wot 'ave we got 'ere? no front wheels on yore van?



  • By Liz, Mon 24th Nov 2008 @ 4:27 am

    That may well have something to do with it, but I feel a bigger part is played by the fact that 'Uncle David' is my brother and Sarah & Al's uncle. Unlike your normal 'run-of-the-mill' garage he won't rip you off - you might have to wait, but he won't rip you off, and we all trust him 200%. The truth is whoever M.O.T'd it the last time - and it wasn't Uncle David I hasten to add, should be hung, drawn and quartered - it should never have passed!

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