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We came down to London this weekend, Jean was very excited as she was going to stay at Nanny and Ferfers and see aunty Michelle - Uncle David had been staying with us for the week so he wasn't quiet as exciting but would do none the less.

Mum's in the middle of her second lot of radiotherapy and its dragging on abit though she looks alot better on this lot than she did last time.

They have just given her the results of all the lumph node disections and though it was in some of them it has apparently not got out into the rest of he body and her life is no longer in danger - is what they say.

They have also assured us that the other lot of lumps are not cancer but as they have told us this twice already and twice already it has turned out to be cancer I'm not happy.

She gets weekends off of the treatment and so is looking forward to spending lots of time with Jean though mostly this seems to involve them both laying on mums bed watching films (Mum hates children films though this fact seems forgotten at the moment.)

The radiotherapy will end soon and then we will have to see where things go from there - hopefully on the up.

Dad's stomach problems are still continueing and he had to have a Barium enima. They have given him an appointement for July to discuess the results so we are assuming its nothing life threatening though it is happering his life quiet serverly and I'm sure that it will be affecting his over all health.

They haven't even really interviened were the symptoms are concerned.

I am relieved as I assume this means its not bowl cancer but why wait so long to tell us what it is?

Barbara sent mum some lovely snow drops from along the drive that Jeans is all excited about giving to Nanny and Nanny is very pleased with.

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