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I went back to the Drs Tuesday morning leaving Ella and Oliver asleep on our living room floor - they'd come up to visit us which was most excellent.

On the plus side the impetigo is clearing up and I have got alot more movement in my jaw - and I'm feeling alot better. Bad side is that I still have lots of fluid in my ears and she found another skin infection.

This time its a fungal infection that's probably cuased by the stuff that cuases thrush - this means I'm not to use perfums and have yet another creme to apply - joy 🙁

I have been over doing it and have gotten myself really run down apparently hence I have mouth ulcers again etc... she told me there's a spray I can have for them if they continue and if I don't start to feel better soon I have to go back again.

But I am happy that things are responding to the medication. I'm abit worried that I have ended up with skin infections at all though. To be far the fungal one feeds off of perfumed soaps and things including the skin lotion I'd been using 🙁

I have also been moaning about this far too much for what it is aswell - its not made me really sick just uncomftable :/

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