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Saturday the 4th of April is Alaric's 30th birthday - hopefully we have managed to catch everyone and inform them but I have been made awear of a few gaps in the invitations.

It is Logan's Run theme and me and Alaric at least will be in costum (but you can come as you if you want!).

It's a bring your own BBQ and as always we are happy to recieve people on Friday and loss them what ever time they want to go home even if thats on the Monday!

We've got a marquee for outside.

Al is making people hand crystals so sort of needs to know whos coming and how old you are!

Here's the form to fill in.

I'm going as Box the robot and have been papier maching away like a mad things so I hope you all appreciate the effort!

Accomidation wise there is plenty of room for tents - there is limited floor space or there are BnB's in the area.

Though I am petrified of being 30 Alaric is looking forward to it but then he runs into real problems with people not respecting his ideas as they think he is too young (doesn't help that he often looks a decade younger than he is!).

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  • By Ulrike, Sun 29th Mar 2009 @ 3:05 pm

    Really looking forward to coming!

    Afraid our costumes won't be as spectacular as yours, but hey, it is the thought that counts, right? About BBQ food - is there a supermarket of some sort near you that we could buy some fresh meat from? I just think it would be silly to buy it and then transport it down to you in the car for 4 hours if we could buy it fresh from where you live.

    On another note, I know the feeling of not being respected because of your age, and Mike especially had a problem for a long time that people assumed he was just out of college - which is why he grew a beard in the end, because having a babyface when you are in your mid twenties wasn't fun, people assumed he did not really know what he was talking about and had a lack of experience. Thank god he is now going thin on top and I think people are starting to realise that he is NOT 19 anymore 😉

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