Earth Hour (by )

On Saturday I find out via Twitter that this thing called Earth Hour was happening were everyone (hopefully) would be turning off their lights and such - I vaguelly feel that either Ella, Oliver or Andrew mentioned it too me last weekend.

Anyway I decided that we were going to take part (with half an hour to go) so wizzed around finding candles - Al got out the oil lamps and we light a fraction of what we have here!

candles in the kitchen Oil lanterns candle shimmer

Jean said the house was bueatifull - "Its a bueatiful night mummy" which was sweet.

I even cracked out a nice candle floating bowl that we were given for either a house warming or wedding 🙂

floating lights bowl of light shimmering bright

It was also the first time we got to use the bathroom candle I'd picked up in a charity shop - its got like glitter and shells in it and looks like a little lamp - I love it and yes I am perfectly awear that it is tacky 🙂

shell light in the bathroom

I'm afraid I did have to cheat and put on Jean's LED alphabet lights as I didn't want to keep her up until 9:30 and she wont sleep in the dark.

You all know my view on the global warming issue ie waste of resources is bad reguardless - as a geologist/earth scientist so I'm not going to go into that again. But one of the things I didcovered was that the oil lamps give out far more heat than the electric heater we have for when it gets nippy and we don't have time to light the fire.

Now they give out light aswell so I am wondering if it would not be more effiecent in winter to have lots of these lit around the house than lights and heater (when it snows the fire is no where near enough to keep the house warm).

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