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As many of you know there is an event called Race For Life which is designed to raise money to 'beat' cancer and our friend is going to be running and is looking for sponsorship!

You can sponsor her here.

It's quiet a run anyway - the sort of length you really need to train for plus she is offering to crochet thankyous for people which is an excellent idea!

Cancer touches so many of our lives and in developed countries is a big killer - my first contact with cancer was my granddad who had asbestocise which led to mesophilioma (have no idea how to spell either of those but basically the fibroids fromthe asbestosis cuased cancer), he died shortly after I returned from Kenya and in fact my perants weren't even there to pick me up as they were at the hospice.

By this point my friend Amber was also sick with luekemia a cancer of the blood. She went in and out of remission and had various things happen to her like a stroke due to the treatments and stuff - she dies whilst I was in Kin Lochleven in Scoutland during a field trip. I missed her funeral for which I am still sad - she actually died of pnumonia and was in remission but was just too weak from all the treatments.

Her illness was found as she came with me to give blood on my 18th birthday and she phoned me on my 21st though was too tired to come to the party - a year younger than me she died not long before her own 21st birthday - she was one of the nicest and most intelligent people I knew and asked me about Imperial lots.

More recently there is mum's breast cancer so obviously I feel very strongly about events like this - hence the hair dyeing and things in the autum.

So please if you can sponsor 🙂

And I hope this wasn't too morbid.

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