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Jean's new bed a.k.a. my cousins old bed arrived - Al bought it back from London with him in the van and then we had to face the task of getting it into the little box room. It was decided that the only way was through the window - so Dad and Al with Jean supervising proceeded to be the 'chuckle brothers' and managed to get the bed in!

Jean supervising her bed installation here it comes The dance of the new bed eek attack of the killer bed! Dad underneith the bed Bed through the window In coming! bed in the room putting the casters back on Al and the mattrice Matrice through the window

Here is my bed protector and my sole contribution to this whole thing! Yes I know its a piece of card board but it was needed to stop the bed being wripped apart by the catch on the window.

Bed protection method

Of course this ment a slight rearrange of Jean's room including the toy chest being moved - I really should finish painting it - it was one of my nan's old ottamen.

Toy chest in place

Jean and Daddy then put the winni the pooh bed spread onto Jean's very own Dovet which was entertaining to watch!

Putting the dovet cover onJean helping to make her bed

Jean then just had to try her bed out - she's decided its a princess bed as it has a pink plush headboard!

Jean in bed I sit up like a princess mummy!

Sunday night was her first night and there were not the pitta patta of feet that we were expecting but instead there was a flomp sound - Jean had fallen out of bed but was still a sleep and only woke when I put her back in the bed. Later on there was an even softer flomp (mainly as I'd put the arm chairs cuosins beside the bed) - this time there was a little cone of dovet with a wide eyed Jean head sticking out the top looking around solomy in the dark. I tucked her in over by the wall - she didn't fall out any more - nor in the subsequent nights which is good - but feeling a bit stupid that I hadn't realised she would fall out :/


  • By Kordian, Thu 30th Apr 2009 @ 3:52 am

    Love your updates, keep up the good work:)

  • By Rebecca, Thu 30th Apr 2009 @ 9:42 am

    Glad she is enjoying the new bed. It is a very cosy bed. I too have fallen out that bed a few times, mainly due to the effects of alcohol though :)) Hope my cute goddaughter has as many cosy good night sleeps in that bed as I did xxx

  • By Sarah, Thu 30th Apr 2009 @ 10:07 am

    Thanks 🙂

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