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Sunday Lionel (Alaric's Dad) took us out for lunch and an explore of the local area - it turned out that we have already discovered some of the attractions he'd wanted to show us like Hetty Peggler's Tump and the country park we like to hang out in! But we had a fun filled very sunny day.

It started with him and Alaric mowing in the morning as Barbara (Al's aunt wanted that done before we disappeared to enjoy our selved - I had gotten confused and thought we were all going out for a picnic).

Once mowing and the like had been completed we headed out to Sheepscomb - the neighbouring village to a Pub called the Butcher's Arms. We had attempted to go there once before but there had been no parking avaliable so this was a first. It was glorious weather and you can see across the valley - this is one of Lionels favourite views:

The Butchers arms View across the valley

Alaric as always couldn't quiet leave work behind and so was found on the found for some of the pub visit!

Alaric on the phone

But there were many shanagans involving Jean's pink hat!

Sad Al in pink hat Lionel in pink

It was pleasant waiting for the food which was really nice and we chatted about the local area and writing and things - I learnt some interesting things about a guest house that existed in Sheepscomb around the world wars but I'll disguess that on Salaric Cooking at some point in the future! But it did lead to a disgussion were I discovered our friends getting married next year! Yay!!!! 🙂

Waiting for the grub

Jean made a friend called Emily and they bothed chased Alaric around loads and Lionel bumped into oour neighbour in the pub!

As always I had my carmera on me and so found things to photograph!

Gateway to a Fairy Dell Dove cotes

There was a humourous moment when just after announcing the fact there was a dog turd near our bench I almost knelt in it :/ Lionel then prodded it with a stick until it went away - though at one point this almost flicked it across the pub garden!

We then went on a drive about and he showed us where there is a Roman Well lurking though we didnt get out and walk down to it.

We eventually ended up at St Mary's Church Edgeworth mainly becuase Lionel likes the big mansion next to it (the place has its own steps into the church yard!) but I was in heaven with the photo oppurtunities!

St Mary's Church Edgeworth interesting St Mary's

There was a lovely lynch gate with sheep beyound!

Stone arch Lynch gate of topary and lynch gates hiding

Inside was fantastic with the blazing sun outside - the light coming in through the stain glass windows really was something to behold.

Candleabra Indigo streak Light on stone Light and dark archway Arch Stained glass triplets Window

I found some interesting features on some of the gravestones - including a skull which I thought was interesting and got me thinking about a story line.

gargoyle Gravestones behind the bench Skull in the stone

The entrance we came in was marked by this lantern which again just said something to me - I love the contrast with the blue sky and the day just seemed ripe to take pictures - even if I only have a happy snappy!

Lantern Misty lantern

Jean loved exploring the graveyard and called it an adventure! She also announced that we were the Graveyard Girls - which I thought was a cute name for a girl goth band to be honest!

A family explore

Lionel and Jean found some topary 'chickens' which they insisted on feeding - Lionel is of course obsessed with chickens so it seemed most apropraite.

super natural Jean feeding the chicken Lionel and the grave yard chicken

We then got back in the car and continued driving - I was quiet tired at this point and begain to doze in the car which annoyed me as I wanted to take in where we were going and things.

Eventually we ended up in Cirencester (famed for its Roman roots), now we have explored this place but mainly just the main town bit as it was when I was still on crutches. Lionel took us to a great park/estate thing which appeared to have a castle at its gate!

Pretend castle

Apparently the path goes on and on and is very french in the feel of it!

Walking through the park

We would have gone futhure but as always - I needed the loo so we had to go on a toliet hunt! But I did take more pics on route!

Gold and black on blue Ornate gate

Weather vein

Ghostly house Pretty house

I'm glad I did need the loo though becuase it ment we found a fantastic outdoors swimming pool which we plan to visit frequently (I think the helpfulness of the gate staff in telling us where they're loo was and not charging us anything really made me feel like this would be a nice place to spend sunny days!).

After that we headed back to the car for more driving about and being shown things - one of the things Lionel wanted to do was find a Ford he used to go over lots - we found something in the right sort of area and they asked me what I thought - I felt uneasy so Lionel got out to check and thought it looked a bit deep - this was becuase we were a road over from where we wanted to be and the nice lady in the house we were outside came and told us so and how to find the ford!

We found it and it had a white duck with orange beak on it that Jeany got a bit obsessed about! She's still talking about it now!

Duck take two From the sunroof Duck in the Ford

Lionel pointed out more road turnings with churches that are nice down them (not sure how much of it I will remember mind!). He took us to Syde Church purelly becuase it is titchy!

Syde Church

The end tower of Syde Church Most of Syde Church End of Syde Church

I'm sorry but the churchyard was a bit squished too and I couldn't get a good angle for the whole church.

But there was an excellent gate which I just had to take photos of:

Grave Yard girl Dark curve Through the railings Another Kingdom

There was a door that said Danger on it - and so naturally I came round the corner to find my family had climbed up the steps :/

The forbidden door

Interestingly I then found another skull on a grave stone that looked somehow reminiscent of the one from the previous grave yard - this added fuel to my story idea.

Skull on the grave marking the resting place Strange graves

And just as we were getting back in the car I noticed this fungus on a tree - anyone know what it is?

Tree with fungus Curlly fungus Fungus on Tree

Off we went again and we headed towards a hill I have often seen and the Church that looks like its positioned where a fort should be - this is Churchdown and the Church is St Bartholomew's and it had a kissing gate which Jean learned the name off and then proceeded to enchant all the pensioners but informing them that it was a kissing gate :/

St Batholomew's Church Church on the hill

There is the most fantastic view over Cheltenham ever from here!

View from the church View from St Batholomew's church over Cheltenham View from Churchdown Looking at the view

Again there was a mirrade of photo oppurtunities including some funky grave stones - though I didn't find any more skulls this time - there was however a sun dial which I thought was an interesting thing to have on a grave.

Roses climbing Angel of death Old symbol

Light and Shadow on the grave Sun dial

Jean and Lionel had fun investigating this fantastic bench!

Inspecting an inscription

There was also more interesting lanternage about which again lent a magical air to the day - I couldn't find anymore skull gravestones but as the evening service was about to start I didn't really have enough time to look!


Apparently the church is built on the site of a Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter.

Thirsty we headed off to another pub me and Alaric have only seen the car park off - the Edgemore.

Again there was an impressive view:

View from the Edgemore Pub Pub View Cotswold Pub View

I can see the church from here!

It was a fantastic day even if I did spend alot of time fretting about not having sunblock - and guess who was burnt?!

Sun burn

Alaric argues that he wasn't burnt becuase it didn't hurt :/

Strippy Alaric

Jean off course was fine! I was being hen peck mum and stuff making her sit in the shade and wear her hat all day!

I am actually really looking forward to exploring all the little churches around here - and think Alaric's going to be sad about the amount of space my photos take up on the server!

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