Of Giant Cheese Rolls and Mini Cheese Rolling (by )

A truimphant Jean after Minni Cheese Rolling!

Triumphant Jean

On Monday we went to the Cheese Rolling on Coopers Hill - this is a local event and one we've always ment to go to but between crutches and weddings have just never made it too!

I made us a picnic and after a slight confusion over when it actually started and Lionel not informing Barbara he'd found out it was 2 yrs earlier than they'd thought and her not having told him she'd invited a friend we got out only half an hour late!

We parked along a verge in the woods and walked up to the top of the hill - unfortunatly due to the previous day I started off so very tired and by the time we reached the top I had to rest. We had the picnic and discovered we couldn't actually see anything - from Barbara's recountings of it I was expecting a small rural event but that is not what we got!

The crowds were something to behold and we basically couldn't see anything :/ I had also forgotten the camera which always makes me grumpy but not as much as it makes poor Al grumpy when I steal his phone all the time to take photos on that!

Unfortunatly he's put them on the home server which I can't access so all the crowd pics will have to wait I'm afraid!

I did flake a bit and poor Al had to walk back up the hill to get the car on his own and meet us at the bottom - Jean was struggling a bit too!

But it was a nice outing with Lionel and Maureen and we have decided that next year we will try and arrive at like 9 in the morning with camping seats and try again - though I'm wondering if the organisers would allow me to sell Cheese Rolling Wiggly Pets to be honest!

Jeany got to see a cheese rolling though I had flaked and was sitting on the floor in the corner when this happened - we also got some Baby Bels to do our own Cheese Rolling - hence the pics we do have!

Minni Me Cheese Rolling Sliding down the hill after the cheese Jeronimo!

Jean was convinced we were going to see a giant cheese roll hence the title!

I have actually done a more extensive write up on the Cheese Rolling over on Salaric Cooking.

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