Lionel’s Parting Tea and Cakes (by )

Tea time at Suttons Mill

Friday we had to leave for Essex for my cosins wedding and were not sure weather we would get back in time to see Lionel on Sunday so at four o'clock we went for an 'early' tea with Barbara, Lionel and some of the neighbours. I had asked for tea to be early ie 3 o'clock but this was seen as far too early to have tea and cake :/

This cuased a few problems as it turned out Jean was supposed to have a finial fitting for her bridesmaids dress but I hadn't actually been told about this so didn't factor it into the equation.

Still the tea was interesting with Maureen T bringing along her victorian Lady's visiting cards holder that had the appearance of being quilted with mother of pearl and was really a very buetiful object - it's the sort of thing I could imagin keeping my business cards in and sparked my interest as a craft idea.

Lionel apparently had a few of these cases as a child to play with as he loved the finishes so but they were sold at some point.

Muareen was saying that there was a whole ettikette to laying your cards out at peoples houses and ways of saying if you were widowed and stuff!

Just as we were gearing up to leave the Shaw's arrived with some five year cualiflowers for me and Barbara which is intreging and I look forward to planting them and getting collies for five years from the same plant.

There were disgussions of wood work and boating and victorian psycics which was very interesting and I got abit involved and made us later in leaving that I had intented!

Barbara kept slipping Jean more cake when I had said no more and even hid Jean behind the kettle so I wouldn't see she had more cake - sigh ;/

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