Clare and Adam’s Wedding (by )

Saturday saw my cousin Adams wedding 🙂

We were staying at my brothers flat and so spent the morning getting ready - as this included the arduous task of waxing legs, washing waist length hair and painting nials - it took a while!

To my amazement I discovered my brother actually irony his suit trousers!

David? Ironing?

We kept Jeany entertianed by watching the first Harry Potter Film which she has been obsessed with ever since :/ The previous night I had discovered Alaric had double booked me and triple booked himself and there had been some confussion over a Frontline meet-up on the Friday which we consequently missed 🙁 But I had a lovely meal with David and Michelle and then we watched O'Brother Where Art Thou which has to be one of my favourites films ever 🙂


As I had feared there was the last minute panic when Mum and Dad weren't ready when Dave went to pick them up and the booster seat for Jean had been forgotten and her dress hadn't yet arrived and I had to be told off for panicking! So the norm before a wedding really!

I spent the time making the presant look nice and writing the card I'd made, unfortunatly there was no bride and groom wiggly pets as I just haven't been well enough but hope to be soon.

Packed up and ready to go! Hearts in wine Pink wedding cake card

Eventually Jean's stuff arrived, she had been getting a bit worried as Mummy was Gizelle and Aunty Michelle was Gizelle too but she wasn't - we apparently were pretty princesses but when she put her dress on - she was definatly the Gizelle! (For the uninitiated Gizelle is a character/princess in a film called Enchanted she arrives in our world wearing a filly marangue of a dress...) Jean was very excited as there was a pose of gold and cream and sparkly shoes and even lacey socks!

Jean's dress arrives Jean's pose

I have flowers! Ready!

We liturally shoved her into the dress and fled to the church. In the panic of seeing the bride arrive just before us I managed to leave my camera in the van and so all the actually ceromony stuff is on Al's camera phone! He also wore his recording glasses in the church - managing to look like my body guard half the time as he sat so ridgidly.

Claire did look fantastic and the church was aglow with golden bridesmaids and page boys in neat little grey outfits! The Vicar Dude was quiet funny too which made it an upbeat service!

I trotted off to get the camera as soon as we got outside - praying i wasn't going to miss the confetti and getting back just in time to be ordered into line for the official photos!

Outside the church after service

Playing Pretty Golden littlees Waiting Pretty lovely outside the church Wondering off Jeany

I had found some small bottles of bubble mix with doves on the top or shaped as champiagne bottles - I had these squirreled in my not large enough handbag and gave them out to all the kids - hoping I got them all!

In hind sight this was a bit risky - giving three year olds bubble mix when they are in finery! Jean poured her's all down the front of her :/

The boys - where trying not to photographed initially but soon caved in - two of these where my little page boys - hard to believe really! They are so big now!

we're not upto anything honest So grown up! Cheeky Chumps! We is the cool dudes Three is the number A trio of trouble

I took general photos of mum and various people.

Uncle David and Mum Mum and Michelle

Finially I have a discent pic of Uncle David and with his boating insignia on his suit!

Speed Boat Champian

This is aunty Lizzy Adams Mother.

The Grooms Mother Aunty Lizzy

The Bride and Groom outside the church.

Outside the Church Bride and Groom 2

Rebecca and Rebecca and Rebecca and me 🙂 Rebecca was my chief Bridesmaids, she again managed to look fantastic! Other Rebecca (my other cousins fiance) had done her nails to match her dress with a burnished orange flowers at the tips of a french manicure.

Rebecca and Rebecca Me and Rebecca

Alaric and Ivan managed to look like they were being under cover agents of some sort - not quiet sure how they managed this!

Alaric and Ivan and littlees! We are the men in Grey!

Then it was Confetti Time!

Confetti Bride Bride and groom Bride and groom surrounded The Bride and a gaggle of bridesmaids It's supposed to go on the bride hunni! A mastermind at work Jean with confetti Bride Happy Bean!

Adam said he tried for the fire engine (Jez) but Claire wasn't having a bar of it 😉

Champers in the car with the driver Classic car In the car

The reception was at the Moby Dick pub where Claire works and they had decorated it in gold and cream again including a balloon arch! I just had to take photos of all the Candles and Balloons:

Roses in a vase glass and gold Three balloons place setting gold and white arch Giant Gold Heart Balloon Balloon arch 2 Jean and daddy in the balloon arch! Golden angle candle Candle in bowl In the dark Candle on golden pebbles

The Meal

Now... Ivan, Sam and Co Dad looking swarve Dinner We call him piggy Neil! eating her yummy! Alaric wearing Jean's tiara yum yum ice cream

Wedding cake - another Aunty Lizzy piece de la resistance! There was chocolate cake, maderia cake and rich fruit!

Wedding Cake and presants Eight teir wedding cake Cream and gold roses in front of the bears The top teirs rings in a heart box Top teir wedding rings on top of the cake Wedding Bears

Presant time - Jeany got a lovely little bridesmaid bear for being a bridesmaid which she has been inseperable from - she even took it into pre-school for show and tell! Mum also got flowers for making the grown up bridesmaids dresses!

Jean with presant

Outside in the Garden - the kids had a great time in their wedding outfits playing on the slides and swings!

of bridesmaids and swings swinging on the swings asking to be pushed Graceful swinging you're doing it all wronge! slide 2 page boys and briadmaids on the slide

Bridesmaids dancing

graceful princess spinning! bridesmaids in the light the three graces Dancing with a balloon Jean and a balloon drama queen she's in the mood for dancing dancing Alaric to the rescue two golden girls with their ballloons

Later in the Evening

reception drinkies

Jean discovering all the uses of a brides maids dress Jean and Pheobe lights and balloons kids, balloons and dancing

The First Dance!

Speckeled with light The colour wash bride and groom The first dance

Dancing in disco lights

Disco dancing princess Light at the party Kaleidoscope child Boy and balloon Jean chasing lights

Jean kept going for naps in the van and there were asleep children all over the place by the end of the evening! Alaric managed to drop our presant as he put it on the presant table so some of the glasses got smashed and my bow came undone etc... he was very sad about this!

I attempted to dance with Michelle and Sam but was very very tired by the end of the evening! It was great and Jean loved every minute of it (until she got grumpy tired towards the end but even then she didn't want to go!)

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