French Breakfast (by )

Hot Chocolate from a Bowl Dish of tay!

Jean wanted to have chocolate tea with her breakfast and as she tends to have croissant with jam and honey I descided that she could indeed have hot chocolate with her breakfast if she foresook the jam and honey. She agreed and from some where in the back of mind a thought that this was a proper French breakfast emerged and I told her so - I then got down the two dish things with handles we have. For some reason I thought that you had to drink the hot chocolate out of a bowl for it to be proper and continential but where I got this idea from I can not say.

She loved it, and we discuessed different types of breakfast - she asked if she could have an English breakfast which I still have to organise at some point.

Anyway Dad is always asking me if I want a dish of Tea (or rather Tay) and to my amusement Jean asked me if this was a Dish of Tay! Chocolate Tay of course!

Anyone got any other types of breakfast she could try?

She's had Canadian - pancakes, baked beans, fruit and maple syrup at the Maple Feast back in the spring.

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