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Ten years ago I had just finished my first term at university - Imperial College London, Royal School of Mines, The Huxely School ect... and I had worked hard to get there.

But my first term had been foiled by me managing to get a weired virus (turned out to be glandular fever mixed with a very bad chest and water infection duo). So I spent the Millenium sitting at my parents house feeling like death warmed up and thinking I'd stuffed up my one chance at a career.

I wore a Hong-Kong Fooey t-shirt and red colderoy skirt and felt vague misgivings about it possibly being the end of the world but mostly awed and excited as I watched the different cultures around the world celebrate in their own ways.

Though I had by this point already damaged my first year at uni almost beyond repair with some help (called being allowed to repeat the year) I got my degree. The world is still here though I'm going to remain cuatious untill 2012 is over, a thought that rumbled through my mind in 2000.

In 2000 I was was also looking forward to going to Kenya which was a milestone as much as Uni was and was startled by the realisation that I appeared to have lots and lots of friends!

Alaric ten years ago I believe was here cooking leopard pie in a broken suacepan and setting off military surplus pyrotechnics with his extended family. He was wondering if NetBSD on his laptop was Y2K safe (I believe this is what geeks call the millenium bug) - it was.

I banged the New Year in with suacepans and watched fire works over the roof tops and lots of other people came out including one woman screaming at everyone becuase it was late and we'd woken her kids up :/ She even threatened us with the police!

Ten years on we are here with a throwing up Jean and lots of nice noms and me feeling that I've stuffed up my one chance of having a career... erm...


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